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Visual 5d help contractors to win bids by presenting the programme schedule and site logistics into a visual narrative that is easily understandable to both a professional or non-technical audience. We supply a 9 minute animation that is shown during a bid presentation supported by stills supplied for the document submission. Our animations contain two elements, the construction sequence and site logistics methodology.

bim web.jpg


Analytical and descriptive information is used to highlight various stages during the construction process. This helps to emphasize key elements of the build or clarify certain aspects that cannot be shown visually.


Geometry is created from a collection of 2D CAD or BIM (i.e. Revit) data including elevations, plans and sections. The model is then textured and brought to life by real world lighting solutions using cutting edge rendering software.

visual 5d logistics animation.png


The timeline helps to deliver a narrative which links individual 3D components or assembles to the schedule. Visual 5d has developed its own software that can process complex scheduling into a frame by frame representation over a time period with incredible accuracy.


Animated cost projection of the build presented as a month by month narrative. This allows participants from designers to engineers to clearly see the progression of all construction activities and related costs.

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